Sunday, October 5, 2014

Winterize the garden

One bad thing about the warm weather here in Georgia is that the weeds grow all winter.  Having killed the winter garden before it got out of the seed tray meant that I had to do something to keep the weeds at bay until spring.  I've been saving chicken feed bags thinking I would sew them together to cover the hoop houses next year instead of buying more tarps.  We figured this would be a good use for them also.
I had a bunch of hangers from the cleaners that I usually would take back to them hanging in the closet.
I cut them up and made staples to hold the bags down.

And repeated about 50 times

Then I pulled the string off the bottom of the feed bag.

And Danielle found the seam in the bags and pulled them apart

One flat bag,  A lot more to go.

It took 6 bags per bed, but we had enough bags to cover 2/3 of the beds.

We started with the staples holding down the bags, but remembered all the cattle panel trellises we had.  I think they'll actually hold down the bags better.  This also solves the question of where to store the trellises.

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