Monday, October 6, 2014

Para-Cord Lanyards

I bought a compass for Logan and was trying to figure out how to keep him from losing it and decided to make a lanyard out of para-cord (550 cord).  It was late but I figured it would only take an hour.  What I didn't plan on is Paige and Lillie getting out of bed and seeing me working on it.  It turned into a 3 hour paracording marathon.  Blue for Logan, pink for Paige, and pink/orange for Lillie.  Lillie has since decided she likes purple better, so there's some re-work to do some day.  
 To hang the compass from the lanyard I was trying to find a big key ring to put on the lanyard but found a pull ring from a grenade I had thrown years ago.  When I told Logan it was a ring from a grenade I thought he would be impressed, but he looked at me and said "What's a grenade".  So I told him it was part of a bomb and he was sufficiently impressed.

 We have since added a mini-mag light to the lanyard but I'll have to get a picture later.

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