Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lillie's new dress

Lillie got a new dress from her birthday from Grandpa and Grandma Corray!  Too cute.

The washing machine cleanout

Has anyone ever wondered what the inside of a washing machine looks like after nine years of use..... Me neither.  Anyways, this is what it looks like.
The nastiness on the top is what you can't see, or clean, when the lid's open.

Nice orange staining from our well water in Lexington.

Not sure what to call this, it was kinda like a hairball that was glues all the way around the tub.  I had to scrape it off with a putty knife.

Does everyone see the black part of the spindle?  Well, the spindle doesn't have a black part.  That's nine years worth of buildup from detergent and softener.

After a day of work taking it all apart, scrubbing all the little pieces, and then putting it all back together it's as good as new.  Well.... almost.  Even bleach couldn't get all the orange stains off the tub from the Lexington water.   
How old is your washing machine???