Monday, October 6, 2014

Tent money

After our first camp out with the Cub Scouts it had become quite evident that we needed a bigger tent.  The old 2 man Coleman tent that Danielle and I used when we were in Japan really was too small for Logan Paige and I.  The only problem was I didn't have any money.  Then I remembered that I had a $50 gift card on Amazon from John and Jeanice for birthday and about 6 years worth of crushed cans under the house.  
I took the cans in to the recycling center and got $74 dollars.  This gave us a total of $124 for the new tent fund.  I found a Coleman 8 person Montana tent on Amazon for 121.  After tax it was 129.94 so I had to come up with a grand total of $5.94  
Here's the tent.  It has a door!

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