Monday, October 13, 2014

Chewy Chicken War and Peace Soup

 The problem with old laying hens is that they are like rubber and pretty much impossible to chew.  That's why people call them "stew hens"  Danielle roasted them and we ran them through the food processor.

 Then added them to 12 quarts of home made chicken stock.
 A couple of onions
 and celery
 and carrots from the summer garden
Results in a great chicken soup.  We also added alphabet noodles.  Actually we added WAY too many noodles. Hence the name of "Chewy Chicken War and Peace Soup" After dinner we still had 7 quarts to pressure can and add to the pantry.  It simmered all day so it's actually condensed and needs water added, so it really yields about a quart and a half per jar.

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