Sunday, March 23, 2014

Meat Bird Housing

The original plan was to put the turkey hens in the freezer and clear out the hoop houses for the meat birds.  Fortunately for the hens we found someone that had a few toms for sale.  This was good to save the girls, but we now had a housing crisis.  The TSC meat birds are about ready to go out to the yard and didn't have a home.  I would have liked to build another hoop house but didn't have a way to get the required cattle panels home, they are 16ft long.  I decided to build a pen out of PVC pipe this time.  It will work out fine because the meat birds are too fat to roost anyway.  They're fat ground dwellers.
Logan was helpful in the assembly

It is pretty much just a frame of PVC wrapped in chicken wire.  A tarp will be added to the top where the pipe bows up for shade.

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