Sunday, March 2, 2014

Chickens from Tractor Supply

I went to tractor supply today to pick up some bird feed.  While there I noticed that they had live chicks in this year.  We asked them last year and were told that they no longer did live chicks at our store.  Turns out they changed their minds.  I wish we hadn't already ordered from Cackle.  While Cackle is cheap the cost of shipping is killer. 
I drove home and told Danielle about the birds they had and she sent me back to the store to get a dozen meat birds.  Logan and Paige went with.  They only had 14 so we took the lot, I didn't want to leave 2 all alone.
On the way out of the store Logan and Paige each were carrying a chick box with birds in it.  An older gentleman stopped us in the parking lot and and called over to his wife that was sitting in her mercedes waiting on him.  "Look honey they got chicks"  His wife gives a nice "awwww- you'll have a lot of fun with those"  Logan looks at her and says "YEAH! Our freezer is almost empty!"  She had this confused look for a minute and then a look of terror/shock swept across her face as we turned, jumped in the van and went home. 

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