Monday, May 20, 2013

Installing the Nucs

Smoke, lots of smoke.

Fat man, little shirt......

3 new empty frames in the clean hive.

After the 5 nuc frames are installed.  They have to go in the same order that they came out of the nuc.  The 2 outside frames from the nuc become the outside frames of the hive.  These 2 frames are honey frames used as insulation.  Also, if you put a honey frame in the brood chamber the queen won't normally cross it and lay on the other side.  If she does she won't come back across.  Some beekeepers use this to have 2 queens in a hive, but that's a bit beyond me right now.

A frame of bees.

In the Nuc 1

In the Nuc 2

The second hive is populated!

The first completed hive.

The second completed hive.

Now we just hope that the bees like their new home and they are still there tomorrow.

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