Monday, May 20, 2013

Bees are finally here

We had quite an experience getting the bees from Dixie Bee Supply.  First the weather, then someone poisoning his bees.  Finally, last week he said that some of his nucs were ready.  Unfortunately they weren't the medium nucs we wanted.  All he had ready was the deep nucs.  We drove 4 hours to his house in Lula Georgia on Saturday to pick up the bees.  When we arrived he was in the yard.  One of his first questions was "where are your boxes".  Turns out that he now charges for the box that nucs come in.  It's right on the web page he told us.  Of course we had no internet access to check.  So we each had to pay an additional $25 for the decrepit nuc boxes that were in his bee yard or $25 for a shipping box.  Either way he was getting another $100 out of us.  When I got home I checked the page and it did say BYOB Bring your own box.

However, that's not the web page I remember when we ordered the nucs months ago.  One of my favorite sites, keeps copies of old web pages.  As seen here
the previous site says "Your choice of medium or deep box"  Seems that you should get the box if the page stated it was included when you ordered the nuc.  Enough complaining though.  I just won't be going back.

Some pics of the $25 nucs sitting on the hives.  When we got home we put the nucs on the hives for a couple days to get the bees used to their new home before moving them into their new hive.

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