Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Water Storage

Living outside of town we get our water from a well.  It's a nice well, unlike our well in Illinois that smelled like eggs and turned everything orange.  The water is quite nice and doesn't taste like chlorine.  However, if the power goes out we don't have any water.  I do have the generator but this house doesn't have a transfer switch that would connect it to the well.  So, until I come up with $500 for a transfer switch the well won't be easily utilized during an outage.  To have some water on hand after a storm I've bought some water containers and water treatment.  I ordered (8) 5-gallon jugs from the ready store last week and they arrived today.  They're stackable to save space.  The instructions say that I have to wash and sanitize the jugs before filling them for storage.  One more thing on the to-do list.  The good part is that it is good for five years once treated and sealed.  I also bought 1 extra lid with a spigot.

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