Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The flood

Danielle sent me a text message yesterday with a picture of the garage roof.  It had water dripping out of it.  It is right below the upstairs bathroom.

I called the home warranty company and they told me that the plumbing is covered but none of the damage.  So the plumber was scheduled to come today and fix the leak.  This morning I called USAA our insurance company and was told that they would have someone out within 4 hours to start the moisture removal process.  I love USAA.  I've never had a problem with them and they're always helpful.  The plumber came today and replaced the wax ring under the toilet.  Meanwhile the ceiling is full of black water.  A gentleman from Serve-Pro showed up and took moisture readings.  The hardwood is wet and the ceiling in the garage pegged his meter.  He left 5 giant air movers and 2 dehumidifiers.  A small one in the bathroom and a giant one in the garage.
The problem was that the 3 day old turkeys are in the garage and the dehumidifier puts out over 100 degree air at 3% humidity.  So the turkeys had to be moved.  I decided to move them out to the screen porch.  With the heat light they should be fine.  I taped their thermometer to the door so I can monitor the temperature tonight.  I'll check before bed, sometime around 2, and when I get up.

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