Monday, April 8, 2013

Tomatoes in the ground

Today turned out to be a beautiful day.  Finally the rains stopped, the weather warmed up, and no-one was vomiting.  I spent the day working the garden with the kids.  My mother-in-law was great and weeded for me!  I spent the morning planting 56 tomatoes in 2 beds.  I'll admin that we did cheat a little this year.  I started by digging a decent sized hole and filling it in with Jungle Dirt, then placing the tomato in the jungle dirt.  The raised beds are getting better, but the soil isn't quite there yet.  Once they were planted Danielle helped me move the trellises from the old tomato beds to the new ones.  Soon I'll have to hand the twine for them to grow up.  They are the tomatoes we started back on February 17th.  They are Seed Saver's Exchange #107, Amish Paste Roma Tomatoes.  Being an open pollinated heirloom seed, I should be able to save the seeds this year and not have to purchase seeds next year.  First though, I have to keep them alive until harvest time.

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