Monday, February 11, 2013

Desk Plans

We have this space at the base of the stairs that Danielle wants to turn into a "office".  More specifically, a space to organize the kids home school materials.  As with most projects I've started with a SketchUp drawing.

Once I have built it is SketchUp I will transfer the plans to Visio to plan out the cut diagrams.

After all the individual pieces were cut, I banded the visible edges with the same oak veneer that I used on the shelves in the play room.  Then it was all stained.  Currently I am in the varnish, sand varnish loop.  I'm hoping to finish all the varnishing this week and begin assembly this weekend.  I know Danielle is anxious to put away the piles of school supplies she has acquired.  The entire desk will be put together with biscuits.  I'll try and takes some pictures of the progress tonight and upload them tomorrow.

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