Sunday, June 23, 2013

2013 Potato Harvest

All the potato plants died off about a week ago so we decided it was time to pull up the potatoes and get the beds ready for the fall plant.  We had planted 2 beds of potatoes, one bed of white and one of red.  The beds are 4x8 ft.  I believe it was 15 plants each, but my records are horrible (again), better than last year but still not good enough.  This was the final harvest.

Red Harvest

White Harvest

Picture of both with a carrot that accidentally got pulled when weeding the carrots.

I'm thinking about planting next year's potatoes in the 20x20 block that I used for corn this year.  I'll have to mix in a lot of compost to loosen up the soil enough for that though.  They may just go into raised beds again next year, we'll see.  

Thought I would add the weights

17 pounds of red

13 pounds of white

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