Monday, March 25, 2013

Incubating Turkey Eggs

Yesterday Paige and I gathered up 14 turkey eggs that the girls have laid in the past week and a half.  Some of them were pretty nasty looking, but we'll see if they grow.

I bought a Hova-Bator Genesis incubator with a egg turner.  The hatchery recommended the goose egg turner because the turkey eggs are a bit larger than chicken eggs.  However that was a big waste of money.  The goose egg turner is the same as the chicken egg turner but they removed three of the trays and bolted a wire rack to the remaining four.  It looked like this when it arrived.
Problem is that the turkey eggs are too small to be held in place by the wire.  So I removed the 4 wire racks and ended up with a overpriced four rack chicken egg turner.  Odds are we will never incubate more than 21 eggs, but I wish the girl at the hatchery would have known her products better.  Here is is loaded with the eggs.
They were loaded on March 24th.  In 24 days they will be removed from the egg turner for hatching.  They will hatch in 28 days.  The last 4 days you take them out of the turner because some may hatch early and the turner can crush them.  We'll candle them in a few weeks and see if they're growing.

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