Monday, March 4, 2013

Dead Duck

We came home last night about an hour after dark.  I went back to lock up the chickens and my count was off by one.  I was missing a duck.  Occasionally the ducks will get stuck in the water tub they swim in.   I went back behind the coop to where the water tub is and found a pile of feathers and a headless duck.  I'm not sure what would have done this to a bird.  The head and neck meat was missing, but all the good meat was still there.  I wish it had been a chicken, the ducks are Danielle's pets, and there were only 2 of them.  Her friend is going to be sad today with no-one to waddle around with.  We're borrowing a game cam today to put out and try to figure out what did this.  Dan wants to sit out there with the shotgun tonight.  I'm not going to put the pic on here because she hasn't seen it.

Click HERE to see the bird.  Maybe someone can tell me what did this.

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