Saturday, November 1, 2014

2012 Caravan Brake Job

This is on a front wheel.  Place wheel chocks behind rear wheel, jack up front of van and place jack stand under vehicle.

Remove the wheel and look at the warped rotor.

This is the back of the caliper.  To remove it, unscrew the two largest bolts.  This will take quite a bit of strength/cursing and ended up with me using a hammer on the wrench to loosen it.  Also, remember righty loosey, lefty tighty because it is on the opposite side of the caliper from you.
Once removed from the car, the caliper bracket will slide off the caliper.  Just make sure the boots snap back in place when you put it back on later.

Using a c clamp, or a wood clamp as in the picture, compress the piston back into the caliper.  WARNING: DO NOT do this to the rear pistons.  The rear pistons require a special tool due to the emergency brake.  The rear calipers rotate when they come out and have to be screwed back in.  Auto-Zone will "lend" you the tool required.

 Slide the caliper bracket back on, ensuring the rubber boots snap back in place.

Use a metal hanger to hang the caliper out of the way.  Don't let it hang from the brake line.  

Send the kids to your car because you don't want to get up and have them open the new rotor.  The new rotor is in a plastic bag and covered in oil.  Use a liberal amount of brake cleaner to get all the oil off.  Lubricating your brakes is never a good idea.

At this point I usually spend five minutes beating the old caliper with a deadblow hammer to break the rust free.  Of course, while I was trying to take pictures this one fell right off.  

Slide the new rotor on.

Put the caliper on with the new brake shoes.  Ensuring the 2 bolts are securely fastened, remember it took a hammer to get them off before.

Replace the wheel.  Remember, when you get in the car that the calipers were compressed all the way so pump the brake BEFORE you release the emergency brake.

Note: 52400 miles

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