Thursday, May 15, 2014

My weedy garden update 5/15/14

View from the back porch

The four beds of green beans are blossoming.  The closest bed has 3 rows while the next 3 each have 2.  The 3 seemed to grow better but we'll see how difficult it is to pick.

We planted four beds of peas this spring..... multiple times thanks to the chickens.  They're a bit thin because the chickens got in again after the multiple planting by tearing through the netting.  They REALLY like peas.  Now there's chicken wire around the base of the fence and it's kept them out.... so far.

The tomatoes are coming up, it's time to tie them up.


The first yellow crookneck squash are here.  They're only a few inches long but we'll be eating them by next weekend most likely.

The zucchinni has blossomed but there's no zucchinni yet.

The carrots are doing much better this year.  We may actually get some carrots this time.  They appear to really like the new mulch.

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