Thursday, August 28, 2014

Logan's Mural

Back on Logan's birthday we got him a dinosaur mural, which was essentially just wallpaper with a picture on it.  I took the week off work and finally had nice enough weather to put it up.  We decided to put it onto a sheet of paneling in case we move again.  Rather than put it on the wall permanently.  I started by painting the paneling and hanging it up plumb in the garage.  I didn't get any pictures of hanging it up because I was working in the middle of the night to surprise Logan.  After it all dried I trimmed the board an inch from the edge of the picture.

We bought some paneling molding and painted it black.  The mural on the paneling was then held on the wall by the molding.  It turned out pretty sweet.

 Of course, with four little kids in the house we aren't allowed to have anything nice.  The next day, Lillie promptly climbed up and put a nice scratch down the front of it.  

From a distance you can't really tell though.  All in all it still looks pretty nice.

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